The Company

B2B Outsourcing, is based in Athens (Greece) and is composed of experienced local and international consultants specialized in their sectors, who undertake to support companies in several key areas of their operations mainly in EMEA region.

Our goal is to offer businesses the appropriate growth support at the lowest possible cost, the greater flexibility to focus on the essential part of their job without waste of time and unnecessary costs.

More specifically, we take in charge the study for the attainment of the following aims, and we undertake the implementation of the study on a result contract basis.

  1. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Developing your business in EMEA region offering full outsourced support, with our own means and human resources. Acting either as export agent or as local sales representative, we undertake to establish and/or to develop on your behalf sales distribution networks, nationwide sales plans, partnerships of sales, mergers / acquisitions & alliances with other companies.

  2. FINANCIAL SERVICES. To develop your business you may need the necessary funding. Negotiating your financial needs for the implementation of plans or projects for business expansion or for sales financing (retail & wholesale).

  3. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING & OUTSOURCING. Shifting fixed operating costs to variable, in key areas of companies in order to increase profitability. A variety of consulting & outsourcing services, from the set-up of a new company / project and the necessary legal and tax advice, from business process operation to external flexible bookkeeping services and transfer of risks to our collaborating insurance companies.