Offer your company the wide range of services you need with an outsourced business support contract at an affordable cost and on a result basis.

Businesses are looking for ways to streamline their operations, and one popular option is outsourcing, where they retain B2B Outsourcing to provide a service that may have traditionally been done by employees or expensive professionals. Especial Small/medium companies want to stay lean and profitable, so they, too, are turning to outsourcing, rather than fattening up their payroll.

You can combine your obvious need with the new way of operating in the business world: business support services.

B2B Outsourcing is available to work on a contract basis with confidential agreements, flexible duration and customized contracts. We can support your growth and profitability on the following fields:

  1. Export your products to many countries in EMEA region through our collaborating network of international export agents.

  2. National or area sales plans in Greece by engagement of qualified sales representatives and other professionals and manage them to meet your revenue goals.

  3. Negotiation of the necessary funding to growth your business in Greece and surrounding countries through collaborating banks and private investment funds.

  4. Mergers and acquisitions services (company valuation, audits, due diligence, etc).

  5. Legal advice and services like start-up of new company, etc.

  6. Bookkeeping, tax advices and payroll services with our network of collaborating professionals.

  7. Transfer your risks to our collaborating insurance companies.

Examples of services that our consultants have offered:

  1. Set-up and development of companies in Consumer financing (180 m euro portfolio through multi branding partnerships).

  2. Driving M&A within car financing / operating leasing companies. Reengineering of processes after M&A.

  3. Set-up of nationwide partnerships and networks of sales (consumer durables, insurance brokerage and FMCG).

  4. Sales development in EMEA region (chemicals, food products).

  5. Project financing management in Middle-East (construction & Transportation Company).