Financial Services

To develop your business you may need the necessary funding. Negotiating your financial needs for the implementation of plans or projects for business expansion or for sales financing (retail & wholesale).


B2B Outsourcing, working with collaborating banks enables financing of operations to meet the needs of working capital, professional equipment acquisition and office acquisition. We negotiate and achieve the best possible financing to expand your business in Greece and surrounding countries.

  1. Working capital

    Working capital loans may be open and revolving loans or amortized by installments or factoring / discounting the receivables of your company. It enables your sales financing or your cash flow needs.

  2. Sales financing (retail & wholesale)

    It concerns the negotiation on your behalf of partnerships with one or more financial institutions in order to offer financing to final customers to buy your goods (retail financing) or to your collaborating network of sales for their stock of products (wholesale financing).

  3. Project financing

    - Equipment acquisition financing. Loans for fixed assets and equipment that is not convenient to be covered by own funds of the firm.

    - Office and premises acquisition. New premises acquisition as well as the renovation of existing (i.e. improvements, repairs, etc).


B2B Outsourcing can help entrepreneurs in the following questions:

- How can I buy a business in Greece and surrounding countries?
- How do I find a business the quality of which matches my needs?
- How can I have the necessary financial information for the company I want to buy?
- What is the real value of the firm?
- How can I be financed for the purchase of a new activity?
- With whom I could discuss the expected return on investment?
- When should I engage a lawyer and an accountant?
- How can I be sure that is the right company for me?

When entrepreneurs are buying a new business, they buy an opportunity to expand into new markets. B2B Outsourcing offers the advantage of your support as an intermediate consultant who combines experience with cumulative knowledge through the network of its advisors.

Find and buy a good business is not easy and can be one of the most important decisions. B2B Outsourcing may represent you responsibly and in secrecy, and this means:

- professional evaluation of the company for sale
- representation by well-trained facilitators
- correct representation of the financial assets of the company for sale
- Help for required financing for the acquisition.
- Together we examine the various formulas and specific companies that are interesting to acquire. We support you with confidential business and financial information.
- B2B Outsourcing presents the proposal for buyout to the seller and deals in order to clarify the terms and conditions of your offer.
- Due diligence and audit is critical for the purchaser to confirm what was claimed by the vendor as accurate and true.

Looking for solutions to finance acquisitions

How to finance the acquisition of a company?

  1. The personal guarantee of the buyer in small and medium-sized enterprises is a key element. Generally from 20 to 50% of the capital you need to buy a business comes from you.

  2. The simplest and best way to finance is to work closely with the seller for the payment of the acquisition. The terms offered by sellers tend to be more flexible and more agreeable to the purchaser from those of a third party.

  3. The Bank financing through our collaborating banks offer loans with special conditions and interest rate. This means a lower down payment and lower debt to the purchaser, which translates into more net revenue for you.

  4. For large amounts of money we can look into private equity funds and investors who expect a significant profit over the medium and usually they are not interested to gain control of your business.