Management Consulting & Outsourcing

Shifting fixed operating costs to variable, in key areas of companies in order to increase profitability. A variety of consulting & outsourcing services, from the set-up of a new company / project and the necessary legal and tax advice, from business process operation to external flexible bookkeeping services and transfer of risks to our collaborating insurance companies.


Legal support through a network of legal advisors and lawyers all over Greece, in terms of business (commercial law, establishment or status change of a company, transfer of shares), civil law (disputes with customers and suppliers), tax and other issues.

A rigorous ethics and defend of your interests in accordance with the principles of ethics. An objective opinion, professional secrecy, privacy, avoiding conflict of interest.

B2B Outsourcing with the cooperating legal advisors, combines knowledge and experiences and initiates appropriate actions and conventions: rent contracts, employment contracts, advice and implementation of contracts for product distribution, representation, Covenant, transfer of know-how, the franchise's trademark or patent.

Commercial law. All types of companies, Increase and reduction in capital, mergers, divestments, partial division of assets, Business Transformation, liquidation, inheritance, buyout firms, Securities Services.

Tax law. Studies on the tax consequences of the choice of legal structures, tax optimization, moves before the transfer of shares in companies, Personal tax situation, help in tax audits and defense at the courts.

Representation at courts: criminal courts, complaints, political action, civil courts, commercial litigation, administrative tribunals.

Claims for overdue payments. We undertake Out-of-court and judicial actions for recovery of overdue debts of your customers against a percentage of the receipts obtained.


B2B Outsourcing undertakes Accounting and fiscal support of your firm through our associates (bookkeeping, handling tax issues, financial statements, tax and management advice).

  1. Flexible cooperation Contract for as long as you need it with stable and low cost that covers all the following services. Costs may vary according to turnover and employed persons.

  2. Accounting, tax and managerial monitoring in order to provide easily available information to help you better manage your business and improve your results.

  3. Organizing and keeping the accounts in accordance with the type and size of your organization.

  4. Creation of annual accounts-results with detailed analysis and comments to provide information useful to update and correct decisions.

  5. Optimization of taxation.

  6. Manage budgets and forecasts.

  7. We are at your side at key moments such as the establishment, acquisition or transfer of a company.

  8. We Contribute to the evaluation of the company you want to buy or send and we advice you on legal, tax, insurance issues and their consequences.

  9. We Support you during tax – social security audits.

  10. Recruitment procedures – dismissals and payroll issues.


You can transfer your business risks to our collaborating insurance companies with special premiums. You have the Choice between several insurance companies to give you the best possible conditions and amount of insurance premiums.

There is a range of Insurance products for your company. Insurance against risks for:

- transport of goods or money,
- premises,
- third party liability,
- vehicles,
- Life and medical, etc.