Business Development

Developing your business in EMEA region offering full outsourced support, with our own means and human resources. Acting either as export agent or as local sales representative, we undertake to establish and/or to develop on your behalf sales distribution networks, nationwide sales plans, partnerships of sales, mergers / acquisitions & alliances with other companies.


Each firm has need forever new consumers for products and services offered, in order to live long and prosper.

B2B Outsourcing is cooperating with a network of export agents in Europe, Middle East and Far East.

We undertake through our partners to identify and contact potential customers and the study of product distribution channels. We support you negotiate export agreements. We attend the export procedures with banks and custom offices.

B2B Outsourcing, as export Management Company, handles the exportation of a company in EMEA region that wants to sell its product abroad. B2B Outsourcing makes all the necessary such as to identify dealers, distributors and representatives, handling advertising, marketing and sales promotion. Oversees and promotes the brand and the required packaging, carries out the transport of goods and sometimes negotiate arranging financing in favour of the exporter or his customer.

The usual procedure of an export that B2B Outsourcing undertakes is the following:

  1. Preparing an offer for your goods and negotiating if necessary.

  2. Creating a pro forma invoice and process export credits from your bank or another bank.

  3. Making the necessary arrangements for transport and insurance of the goods.

  4. Collecting all transport documents and submits to your bank.


Helping You Get new & Keep existing Customers

Imagine having a marketing and sales team working on your behalf to help you attract and retain customers on a result contract basis. That's B2B Outsourcing. Our support frees you to concentrate on the day-to-day demands of managing your business, confident that you are doing all the right things to create lasting relationships with the kind of customers you value most.

As your partner in growth, we're focused on your success, with a full line of solutions to help you run your business smoothly, and attain your business goals.

  1. Many companies might have a sales team in the country, but could not have reached the possible economies of scale and flexible solutions that enable them to respond to changing market requirements.

  2. We Discuss, analyze, recommend a plan for the development of sales. Possibility of market research and/or pilot phase before starting the plan. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the needs of dynamic resources in sales and marketing, the type of customers who need to reach, the channels of distribution of products, etc.

  3. We bring at your disposal sales professionals to meet the objectives of revenue. So you do not ever stay without sellers and use them as needed.

  4. In Greece we can undertake support sales in different ways:

    - As external vendors-representatives of your company across the country with remuneration on sales and an agreement on costs and/or

    - Guidance and monitoring of your existing salespeople (leaflets, how to approach customers, training, monitoring the success of the sellers, etc).